Sunday, January 6, 2013

Out With The Old...

Whoo, we made it through the holidays.
What a whirl wind.
Can't believe it's been over a month since I've been here to blog.
Bad me!
Well, it's been a fast and furious sort of few months hasn't it?
Made it through Thanksgiving -- check
Made it through December -- check
Made it through Christmas -- check
Made it through New Years -- check
Made it through everyone in the family getting the flu -- check

and here we are...

Surly January can't be nearly as exciting at Emma Downtown 
as the Holidays are -- RIGHT?

Join us, for our...
Out With The OLD 
In with The NEW

We are getting ready to go to market at the end of the month
and before we do, things need to get cleaned out!
That's great news, right?
SAVE BIG on all kinds of amazing items all throughout the store...
and for good measure we even have quite a bit of brand NEW items
because we'd hate for you to get bored!

So come by,
find some of our OLD or even some of our NEW!
It's January.
It's a brand new YEAR, let's have some fun!

See you soon!
The Emma Girls
(those Emma girls up there are pretty cute aren't they! ;-) )