Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You don't have to leave town...

Over and over, and over again, I hear people say things about living in a small city. I hear things like, you can't find that where we live... or in a little town like this it's hard to find 'nice things'. Well, I'm here to say it isn't so. Yes, we live in a small town, but that doesn't mean you have to leave it to find nice things, or BIG brands even.

At Emma Downtown we pride ourselves in bringing to Albany, the finest, nicest, highest quality brands that we can find. You don't have to take an hour drive to a larger city to find the brands that you love. Nope, you can stay in little ole Albany Oregon and find some mighty nice things! Have you been by lately? Did you know that we carry Brighton, Hobo, and Brighton handbags, wallets, and leather goods??? Did you know we carry Emu Australia, Fossil, TOMS, Nicole, and Poetic License shoes? Did you know that our clothing lines include, Tribal, Kenzie, Hazel, Silver, Jag, Mystree, & CO2? Did you know that we have wonderful body care lines like JR Watkins and Echo France? Did you know that we now not only carry Tyler candles, but also WoodWick, and Mixture. Did you know that we have beautiful jewelry, gorgeous hats, and fun fashion scarves? If you didn't know, and you haven't stopped by, you really should. We have great things, quality brands, and the best part is, you never even have to leave town! (Unless you live in one of our neighboring larger cities, and then I'm sorry to tell you but maybe you have to come to the small town to get your great stuff!)

However you slice it, we hope you'll stop by! Come check out all of the fantastic merchandise we've brought in just in time for the holidays; in time for the season of giving, in time for the season of decorating, and the season of entertaining!

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