Thursday, September 13, 2012

EMU for FALL!...

EMU, EMU, EMU, we've got EMU out our ears
because we love them...
because we live in them...
because it's the perfect time of
year to slip a cozy pair on your feet!...
We've got EMU for babies,
 we've got EMU for kids, 
we've got EMU for women...

We've got slippers, 
we've got loafers,
we've got short boots,
mid boots, tall boots,
and even clog boots...

 Chocolate & Pink - these are awfully sweet!
Girls slip on loafers
 (they have soles and can be worn outdoors)
 How sweet are these?
Baby booties,
perfect for brand new ones needing to stay cozy,
and crawlers into everything!
 These are my girls' favorite!
Printed EMU boots too cute for words,
you must come see them in person!
 EMU wedge boot...
 EMU short, flat, riding/biker style boot 
in black suede...
 These are really something special,
You're going to have to come
see, touch, and feel these beauties in person!

 My personal favorite, 
our EMU clog
wear them down...
 or wear them up, 
they are awesome!!!
(period. nothing more to say!)

Two more styles came through
 the door this morning,
a loafer and a slipper, 
you'll have to stay tuned
 or come by to see!

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