Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pure Illuminations...

We are so EXCITED to introduce one of our latest finds...
Pure Illuminations Natural lip therapy
This wonderful product is not only FABULOUS medical grade therapy for your lips,
but it's also handy as handy can be, having a mirror and light included so that you can apply no matter where you are!

Every shade is wonderful,
come find yours today!

If color on your lips isn't for you...
try this...
Hydrating Lip Therapy/Cuticle Treatment
It will absolutely amaze you!
 Cure your chapped winter lips...
and make them beautiful at the same time!

Here's their story!~

LanoLip inventor Miranda Coggins suffered from chronic chapped lips. She searched for a cure to relieve her cracked and dry lips for years. While nursing her daughter, she used lanolin-based products to ease the discomfort and soreness associated with breastfeeding. After experimenting with applying the lanolin-based product to her lips, she realized for the first time that her lips actually felt relieved and healthy.
Shortly after this discovery, Miranda’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked-in. In January 2006, she created several lip balm prototypes over her kitchen stovetop. Shortly after she tested her unique blends on family and friends. Within a year of Miranda’s ah-ha moment, the Lano Company was officially born. In addition to her breakthrough product, LanoLip Lip Balm, Miranda focused on expanding her product offerings to include LED lit lip gloss and plumper, LED lit nail polish, all-natural lip stains and lip scrubs, therapeutic lotion/massage oil candles and hand inlaid crystal accessory items.
Today, Lano Co. products, including its signature Pure Illumination LED Lit Lip Gloss, are available online and in hundreds of boutiques, doctors' offices and hair salons worldwide.

Have you been searching for a cure

for your dry, chapped lips?


Finally ... REAL RELIEF!
The Lano Company Natural Hydrating Lip Gloss & Balm

Creating Healthier Lips Using the Healing Power of Lanolin!Our Lip Gloss and balm are the ONLY patent-pending medical-grade Lanolin-based lip product on the market. We use only the highest quality natural ingredients that penetrate the lips to heal, protect and soothe for hours of real relief.

Many customers have asked us what’s so special about using Lanolin in a lip product?
Here’s what we tell them:
  • Lanolin is easily ABSORBED – lips maintain healthy moisture balance
  • Lanolin MOISTURIZES rather than coats – no need to reapply often
  • Lanolin HYDRATES – lips feel and look healthy all of the time
  • Lanolin PROTECTS – say goodbye to cracked, sore lips
  • Lanolin RESTORES SOFTNESS – lips feel soft, natural and kissable
LANOLIN FIRST – Lanolin is the first ingredient in our products, ensuring your lips are moisturized with only the finest natural ingredients.
LOCKS IN MOISTURE – We use NATURAL ingredients such as medical-grade Lanolin, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E to lock in moisture and keep lips looking and feeling their best.
WAX-FREE – We don't use wax-based ingredients, so you can say goodbye to the icky, wax build-up that other brands leave behind.
PLUMPER, HEALTHIER LIPS – We have the only healing lip gloss that creates fuller, healthier looking lips instantly.
DELICIOUS SCENTS – Our glosses will delight everyone with several scented options to choose from including Mint Julep, Vanilla & Dreamsicle. Our Lip LanoLip Lip Balm uses the relaxing aromas of Wintergreen, Orange Vanilla and Strawberry SPF 15 to ease all your senses. LanoLip is also available in Unscented SPF 15 for sensitive skin.
SOOTHING RELIEF – Our products bind with the body’s natural moisture so it soothes rather than coats, meaning you don’t have to reapply often!
INGREDIENTS – The Lano Company uses only the finest and purest natural ingredients.
  • Medical-Grade Lanolin – Medical-grade Lanolin is used as a cream to soothe skin. It is pure, hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic. In this form it is used by some breastfeeding mothers on sore and cracked nipples. This grade of Lanolin can also be used to treat chapped lips, diaper rash, dry skin, itchy skin, rough feet, minor cuts, minor burns and skin abrasions. As an ointment base, it is readily absorbed through skin, facilitating absorption of the medicinal chemicals it carries.
  • Jojoba Oil – Jojoba Oil is a non-greasy extract from jojoba beans that soothes aching skin.
  • Sweet Almond Oil – Sweet Almond Oil is a softening and moisturizing agent high in mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It contains naturally occurring Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E.
  • Vitamin E Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant moisturizer to help nourish lips and restore moisture.

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