Sunday, August 14, 2011

so much to share...

Our big sidewalk sale is over now, and it's all been neatly packed away for another sale, another day. Now, the fun begins... well, at least for me. Now, we get to start unpacking the boxes and boxes of items that have arrived to greet us for fall! I have to admit, I'm not quite ready for fall just yet. I think I'll be clinging on to these last dog days of summer with all my might. But, I am excited to tear the shop up here in a couple of weeks (we'll be closed from the 24-the 6th to re-do for fall) and make Emma look brand new yet again!

I love transforming the shop into the next season. I have been busy for weeks finding many vintage treasures, and brainstorming some creative ideas for this years fall windows, and vignettes! Can you hardly wait???

I'm ready to put paper on the windows, say goodbye to my family, and spend many a day and night making the shop fabulous for fall!!! I know, I'm kind of nuts, but hey it's what I do!

Fall is my favorite season by far... oh the colors, the fabrics, the chill in the air, and the sunshine on my face, I love it! What's your favorite season?

Well, you still have a few more days to take advantage of our Summer Sale going on right now before all of the transforming begins, so come on down and see what kind of treasure you can find.... after all Summer kind of just got here! :) I think there is probably still a lot of time to be able to wear our Summer fashions!

Hope you are enjoying these last weeks of Summer as much as I am!


Constantly Undone said...

I hope I can find a minute to pop in without the kids soon...there are some shirts I've been lemming after.

Carol said...

I'm glad God made you who you are because honestly this sounds like a whole lot of work to me. Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting so we can all enjoy the atmosphere. I too love Fall!