Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a little birdy told me...

A little birdy told me to spread the word: SPRING IS IN FULL BLOOM AT EMMA! Come by and see all of the fabulous stuff we've put together to, decorate your home, dress for the occasion, and give with style!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Upstairs Downtown Wine Walk...

Join us in Downtown Albany for a chance to see some of the less public upstairs spaces. The Loft Tour is free to anyone who is interested. Sponsored by: The Albany Democrat-Herald and Art Plus Signs & Designs. Maps of the Lofts are available at our office Starting at 8 am Friday May 7.

We are also happy to have the second annual Wine Walk in conjunction with the Loft Tour. The Wine Walk is a fundraiser for the Albany Rotary club. Over 28 wineries are expected to participate this year. Be sure to get here and purchase your wine glass and tasting tickets. Last year over 1,000 wine glasses were sold.

The Loft Tour and Wine Walk starts at 4pm and goes until 8pm

Here is a list of the lofts on the tour this year:

1) Loft 44, 422 1st Ave. W.

This Loft used to be the news room of the Albany Herald newspaper. The rooms at the front of the loft were the offices of the editor and presumably the publisher. Owner John Boock

2) Masonic Hall, 431 1st Ave. W.

The St. Johns Lodge No.17 was built circa 1880 and extensively remodeled in 1915 by local architect Charles Burggraf. Notice the great original hardware and unpainted wood trim. The Lodge’s charter dates to July 1858.

3) Howard Building 124 Ferry St. SW.

Built in 1929 and added on to in 1935 downstairs was the offices of the Greater Oregon Newspaper the loft was the Howard family’s living quarters. The loft was remodeled in the 1980s (The printing press is still in the basement) Owner Mike McLain

4) Duedall Potts Bldg., 325 1st Ave. W.

This comfortable loft has great high ceilings and original windows. This apartment was the first project that was funded by CARA in 2002. Tenant Patsy Mecca.

5) Western Union Bldg., 311 1st Ave. W.

Entrance in the parking lot behind the building.

This loft was last on tour two years ago when it was in the process of being remodeled. You will love the results!
Tenants Mary and Jeanette French.

6) Pastime Saloon Building. 211 First Ave W.

The main floor originally housed Pastime Saloon, (now Cappie’s Brewhouse) a millinery shop and an insurance office. The lofts in this building were originally used as office space. Owner Richard May.

7) Flinn Offices and Flinn Block Hall, 222 1st Ave. W.

The Flinn offices were opened just last February. Be sure you notice the great original floors and woodwork. The offices were used as apartments in the 1940s. The Flinn Block Hall was used as a dinner theater in the 1990s. Owners Marc & Anni Manley

8) Huston-Conn addition, 214 1st Ave. W.

Built in the 1890s This loft was most likely used by the Hustons when they owned the grocery store downstairs. Notice the faux woodgraining on the doors, some of it is original and some is only a couple of months old. Can you tell the
difference? The ceiling light fixtures in the foyer are original. Owner Skip Throop.

9) Huston-Conn Grocery Building 212 1st Ave. W.

Entrance is in the alley.

Built in circa 1880, this was the Huston & Conn Grocery store below the upstairs loft was at one time connected to the hotel next door. The wood work here is also faux grained. Owner Skip Throop.

10) Revere House Hotel 120 A&B Ellsworth Street NW

The Revere House Hotel lost it’s top floor to a fire. Since then the now two story building has housed a drug store and more recently Jordan’s Jewelry. The Lofts were abandoned about 1960 until they were renovated in 2007. The windows are original to the c1910 post-fire renovation.

11) Old Post Office, 240 2nd Ave. SW.

This building was used as City Hall from 1961 until 1984. Upstairs you will see the former council chambers and an original marble walled bathroom. The windows at the front of the building are the perfect vantage place to watch the Veterans Day parade. Owner Bob Lund.

12) Tripp & Tripp Bldg., 211 2nd Ave. SW.

Entrance is on Ellsworth St.

This upstairs space has never been on the Loft Tour before and we are excited to see it. Owners Rod and Randy Tripp,

13) Albany Regional Museum, 136 Lyon St. S.

Great views can be had from this former Knights of Pythias meeting room. The upstairs now houses storage shelves for the museums collection, as well as work rooms for preservation and inventory work.

14) Borden Bldg., 211 Jefferson St.

You may want to drive to this building, it is at the intersection of Water Ave. and Jefferson St. across the railroad tracks. Owner John Boock.

Come by and see us! We will be OPEN until 8pm (maybe later) and hosting, Winery... Wine by Joe!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Is almost here...

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Don't Forget: Mother's Day is this Sunday May 9th...
You will find everything you need to Spoil her, Love her,
and Show her how you care...
at Emma Downtown!